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Organizers of the Warsaw Drone Summit
Bernard Hudson
Former Chief of Counterterrorism, CIA

Bernard Hudson is the CEO of LGGS, an international drone advisory firm whose activities in conflict zones range from the Middle East to Eastern Europe. Prior to starting LGGS, Bern last served as CIA’s Chief of Counterterrorism where he directed all aspects of the Agency’s global war on terrorism. He is also currently a non-resident Fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center and serves on a number of boards. He holds a BA from Georgetown University in Political Science.


Headquartered in Reston, VA (USA), LGGS is a drone advisory firm that brings together battle-proven experts from the most sophisticated unmanned programs in the world. We help governments and others tackle some of the world’s hardest problems related to drone technology and applications. LGGS staff collectively have decades of experience identifying innovative and cost-effective ways to use drones and related technologies in both combat and non-combat usages.


Chenope is an American software company that develops systems for constructing complex mathematical models. Our technology is used for detecting implicit bias and the coordinated transmission of disinformation. Our multidisciplinary team holds several very highly cited patents in different areas of AI. We employ mathematicians, computer scientists and computational linguists, amongst other disciplines. In the CEE region, Chenope has offices in Kyiv and Warsaw.